• 6/28/21

    The Music Biz Weekly Podcast with Michael Brandvold & Jay Gilbert: How To Use TikTok and Market To TikTok Influencers

    Johnny Cloherty, Co-Founder and CEO of Songfluencer, joins to discuss how to use TikTok and how to market to influencers on TikTok.

  • 6/10/21

    Sandbox Summit Global – The Global Impact of Influencer Marketing

    Songfluencer CEO/Co-Founder Johnny Cloherty and Warner Records’ Jen Darmafall’s fireside chat on “The Global Impact of Influencer Marketing” during Music Ally’s Sandbox Summit Global 2021

  • 6/3/21

    Canadian Music Week – Market Your Music Like a Champ on TikTok

    Panelists: Johnny Cloherty – CEO & Co-Founder, Songfluencer
    Brooklynne Webb – Canadian influencer
    Haley Brawner – Digital Marketing Manager, Verve Music
    Lindsay Hyslop – Marketing Director, Anthem Entertainment

  • 2/4/21

    VidCon 2021 (Market Your Music Like a Champ Using TikTok)

    Songfluencer’s CEO Johnny Cloherty chatted with fellow music industry experts on using TikTok as a component in release strategy for VidCon 2021. Also featuring: Luisa Moreno – Roc Nation Chelsea Gavin – Electric Feel Natalie Ho – Def Jam Nick Casas – Creator, Nick & Sienna Video: Courtesy of VidCon

  • 12/21/20

    Creating Holiday Music Successes on TikTok, Sia’s Snowman, and Catalog Success Stories

  • 11/24/20

    Songfluencer Featured in Business Insider To Discuss Influencer Campaigns on Instagram’s Reels

  • 11/24/20

    Billboard and Songfluencer Dissect the Resurgence of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” and other Deep-Catalog Songs

  • 10/12/20

    How Do You Predict the Next TikTok Music Hit? With a Ton of Data