Your Song. THEIR Story.
Their Followers. Your Fans.


Songfluencer strategically matches your music to key tastemaker creators on music-forward social media apps like TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts and more!

It all begins with a song …

Songfluencer’s proprietary software pairs your music with our social media creators

Our creators make compelling content that exposes your music to millions of followers.

Their followers seek out your music on digital streaming providers (DSPs) such as Spotify, Apple and YouTube.


Exposure to viral musical content on TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts has been proven to increase consumer song searches on YouTube, Spotify, and voice devices (Alexa, Google Home, etc.), while driving direct click-throughs to streaming services, impacting the algorithms that power major playlists, and influencing radio programmers.


“As a relative TikTok newbie, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed when I was tasked with casting an opportunity using the platform’s influencers on behalf of a brand. I immediately reached out to my contacts at Songfluencer to help me curate a list of TikTok talent that would fit the bill. They were collaborative, quick and thorough during the entire campaign, including the very impressive dashboard they sent to track its progress. In all it made me look very smart and efficient – so thank you!”
Marieke Bianchi, CAA
“Songfluencer knows how to take a song, create a trend & make it go viral. They have helped me break multiple songs on TikTok leading to millions of streams on streaming platforms. They know the market better than anybody. “
Dereck Williams, Manager, KBFR (known for popular dance challenge track “Hood Baby”)

“SOLID has leaned on the team at Songfluencer in multiple ways over the last few years. Songfluencer’s team has been instrumental in helping SOLID learn the latest trends to support our organization after having to transition solely to a digital space due to the uncertain times our industry is facing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Without their leadership and support, I’m not sure SOLID could have handled the curve balls thrown its way. We will forever be grateful to their team for always showing up and lending a helping hand to the organization.”

Avery King, SOLID

“Songfluencer has been a great active member of the Music Business Association since joining and is always willing to share excellent knowledge and insights into the changing social landscape with fellow members of the community”


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