TikTok is making it even easier for fans to discover your music and save it to listen later!

TikTok has unveiled a new feature called Add to Music App, allowing users in the US and UK to save songs they discover on TikTok directly to their preferred music streaming services such as Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify.

Recognized as a global hub for music discovery, TikTok aims to enhance the user experience by enabling fans to capture and save songs in the moment of discovery. The feature, represented by a button labeled “Add Song” next to a track name, appears in the For You Feed, prompting users to save the song to their chosen music streaming platform.

Upon the first use, users can designate their preferred music app, and subsequently, the selected app becomes the default for future song saves. Additionally, users have the flexibility to create new playlists or add songs to existing ones. The Add to Music App feature can also be accessed from an artist’s Sound Detail Page.

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