Shazam, the renowned music recognition app owned by Apple, has unveiled an exciting new feature that takes music discovery on social media to a whole new level. Users can now effortlessly detect music on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok with just a few taps.

First reported by 9to5Mac, this feature can be found in the latest update of the Shazam app.


To use it:

  • Open the Shazam app
  • Tap the blue button
  • Go back to TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram to see the results.

The benefits of this feature are far-reaching. Content creators can easily credit the right music in their videos, enhancing their creations, while music enthusiasts can seamlessly share their favorite tracks with their social media communities.

We’re excited for our music partners to receive credit for their work, and to see more accurate reporting on who is discovering their tracks across social media!