If you’ve scrolled through your TikTok For You Page lately, you’ve probably come across the CapCut logo on templated videos. CapCut is climbing the U.S. app store charts with over 200 million monthly active users. So what is CapCut, why are creators using it, and why should you care?

What Is CapCut?:
CapCut is a video editing app owned by TikTok’s parent company Bytedance. Creators can use the app’s pre-made templates, sounds, and automated AI-powered tools to simplify the editing process for their video content.

Since Bytedance owns both the CapCut and TikTok apps, creators find a seamless experience editing their content to post on their TikTok channels. However, CapCut can also be used to create and edit vertical short form video for other services (eg: Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts) and horizontal videos for use on sites like YouTube.

Why Do Creators Use CapCut?

To maximize the impact of influencer marketing campaigns, content creators and influencers need to embrace powerful tools that help them produce high-quality, captivating content. CapCut is one such tool that can elevate the effectiveness of influencer marketing efforts.

  • The app is easy to use, beginner-friendly, and intuitive. Creators don’t necessarily need to be familiar with editing software to use CapCut.
  • Influencer marketing campaigns thrive on engaging and visually appealing content. CapCut offers a range of features that can transform raw footage into professional-quality videos.
  • CapCut is well-integrated with TikTok. Creators can connect their TikTok and CapCut accounts to use features like adding music, and posting content seamlessly between the two apps.
  • CapCut also streamlines the process of sharing content across multiple social channels (Instagram Reels, YouTube, etc). This feature helps influencers deliver their messages effectively, ensuring that their videos are visually appealing and optimized for each platform.
  • It’s a time-saver! It takes a lot of time for a creator to make content for their channel. Pre-made templates and guides help creators make quality content in a fraction of the time as other editing methods.
  • CapCut is convenient – Creators can opt to use the desktop software or take CapCut on the go with their mobile app.
  • CapCut may help creators reach more viewers. Some of the best ways to increase viewership are using trending templates, songs, filters, and stickers – all of which are built right into the CapCut experience. CapCut can also be used to edit on-screen text for SEO, create looping videos for increased viewership, and more.

“CapCut templates are an easy way for creators to edit their videos and draw more attention to an audio,” Amanda Brommel (Campaign Manager, Songfluencer) adds, “I love using CapCut because it makes the creative direction easily replicable for the everyday user on TT to re-create and post. My goal in campaigns is to drive UGC, and CapCut is the perfect way to spark a trend.”

Why Should You Care About CapCut?

In the competitive landscape of creator marketing, standing out from the crowd is crucial. CapCut empowers creators to create captivating and professional-quality videos that resonate with their audience. By utilizing CapCut’s editing features, creators can produce visually stunning content, tailor their videos to match campaign brand aesthetics, incorporate captivating effects and transitions, enhance audio quality, and optimize their videos for various social media platforms. Incorporating CapCut into creator marketing campaigns can elevate the effectiveness of content, enabling influencers to leave a lasting impression on their audience while maximizing the impact of your music and brand collaborations.

“The TikTok algorithm favors creators who use their “sister” products (like CapCut) because this keeps users on their apps,” says Coral Goldstein (Campaign Manager, Songfluencer), “This strategy helps increase creators’ video reach, helps produce creative content, kickstarts trends and memes, and increases content success on the platform.”


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