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CapCut is a video editing app owned by TikTok’s parent company Bytedance. Creators can use the app’s pre-made templates, sounds, and automated AI-powered tools to simplify the editing process for their video content across all of their social media channels.

CapCut is climbing the U.S. app store charts with over 200 million monthly active users. What is CapCut, why are creators using it, and why should you care? Click here to learn more.

Check out some of our CapCut campaigns below:

Artist: Sam Hunt

Song: “Nothing Lasts Forever”

In the theme of “Nothing Lasts Forever,” creators gave their audiences tips from their own life experience. Creators shared their advice for staying in-the-moment using a text overlay and the “Velocity!” CapCut template (10.8k uses) to display the important moments that aren’t worth missing. This template offers an easy way to share a simple video with emotional impact.




Artist: Scotty McCreery

Song: “5 More Minutes”

Creators used the “BoundToFallingInLove” CapCut template to share a person, pet, or moment they wish they could spend just a little more time with. The template, which has been used 11.3K times, added a dramatic effect to creators’ videos, with a uniform look across all posts in the campaign.




Artist: Babyface Ray

Song: “Ron Artest”

Creators had the option to use one of two templates. The “Velocity template ♡” has 618k uses to date, and adds a strobe and slow motion effect to users’ videos. The “My Album” template simulates the look of going through the creator’s photo album on their phone, and it has 5.1M uses to date. The two CapCut templates helped creators to vary their content and have the freedom to create personally branded content using the Babyface Ray track on two popular templates.




Artist: Feid

Song: “Chorrito Pa Las Animas”

Creators use the extremely popular “Velocity❤️‍🔥” CapCut Template to deliver an interesting transition-to-slow-motion effect to their audience. Although this track did not inspire the 164.2M uses of the ‘Velocity’ CapCut Template, the objective was to take over the CapCut trend and make it the ‘must use’ sound of the template.




Artist: Reddit

Song: “A Beautiful Mess”

Creators used the CapCut template “My 2022 in 60 Photos” to show their fans a fast photo collage of their favorite moments of 2022.
This worked so well with the new year trend because the inherent use of the template (with 23.8M uses) made it easy for creators to upload all your 60 photos easily instead of having to ingest 1 by 1 through the TikTok app’s video editor.




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