Campaign Overview:

Songfluencer partnered with Kenny Chesney’s Blue Chair Bay Rum to promote their Banana Rum Cream and the release of their new Mocha Rum Cream. We sourced foodies and mixologists that were on-brand with “living the island lifestyle, one sip at a time” to share recipes and information about these focus flavors with their audiences.

The Songfluencer team managed the logistics of sending products to all selected creators, handled all contracts, and liaised between the client and creators to get all approvals and posts live.

Client Goals:

  • Drive awareness for the Banana Rum Cream flavor and new Mocha Rum Cream flavor
  • Share facts about each flavor (calories, versatility, flavor, etc.)
  • Inform audiences of recipes featured on the Blue Chair Bay Rum website
  • Capitalize on the current popularity of espresso martinis and the upcoming summer season
  • Secure rights to use quality creator content for future advertising

Creator Requirements:

Before shooting any content, each creator selected a recipe from the Blue Chair Bay Rum official website to highlight these rum cream flavors in espresso martinis and other tropical favorites. Creators were required to present a video concept for approval. Songfluencer worked between the client and creators every step of the way for all changes, approvals, and posts.

Creators had to include at least one talking point in voiceover and text overlay in their 15 second to 1 minute video:

  • Under 99 calories per 1.5 oz
  • Natural flavors and Ingredients
  • Delicious – Indulgent & Decadent without the guilt
  • Perfect coffee companion (Mocha Rum Cream flavor)
  • Offers a unique flavor – There is no other alcohol like it
  • Versatile – Served blended, over ice, in desserts, and more

The Blue Chair Bay Rum logo and bottle was required to be visible on-screen.
Optional hashtags: #MochaRumCream #BlueChairBayRum #BananaRumCream 

Campaign Performance

Creators: 9

All 9 used Mocha Rum Cream
used optional Banana Rum Cream in addition

Combined Followers: 3.6 Million

Campaign Views: 557,000

Total Engagements: 55,000

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