Campaign Overview:

Songfluencer collaborated with Dylan Scott’s This Town’s Been Too Good To Us Tour, aiming to boost visibility and attendance in five key markets. Our team engaged creators to promote the tour by generating content to express their enthusiasm and share experiences before and after the shows.

Campaign Strategy:

Songfluencer took a two-tiered approach, hiring Macro and Nano creators local to the five key tour markets. Nano creators were hired via ticket exchange (offer of tickets and meet & greet in exchange for their participation), while we negotiated rates for Macro creators.

Each creator was required to make the following posts, as well as attend their respective show:

  • One post leading up to the show on TikTok, Instagram Reels, or Instagram Stories*
  • A second post recapping the concert experience on TikTok.
  • Some creators went a step further, posting to their Stories and other feeds outside of this campaign, extending the reach of these partnerships.

*Macro creators were only required to make one post for this campaign

Creators were required to include the following in their content:

  • Tags in caption: @dylanscott #ThisTownsBeenTooGoodToUsTour
  • Official Sounds in video: This Town’s Been Too Good To Us, Livin’ My Best Life, Good Times Go By Too Fast
  • In video content: Highlight Dylan Scott, and mention the event show date/location either in caption or text overlay

Songfluencer handled content rights management with creators, and ran Spark Ads to increase visibility of approved posts in each city.

Creators: 22


Pieces of Content Posted: 50+


Combined Followers 4.8 Million

Campaign Views* 958,100

Total Engagements* 10,000


*Note that Campaign Views and Total Engagements figures are based on officially reported creator posts. This information does not capture the extra content shared by creators on TikTok, Instagram, Stories, Lives, and other platforms during the shows, resulting in considerably higher views and engagements than reported.

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