“My Days” from The Notebook

Creators made comedic style videos using text on screen over the lyrics “I wanna run away”.




“I Know I Have A Heart (Because You Broke It)” from Bad Cinderella

Creators shared content showing the difference between their real lives and their romanticized fantasy as they lip-sync the track throughout their homes, pulling in props, pets, and more into their story.




Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Phantom of the Opera”

We initially ran a TikTok campaign based around a halloween theme using the ‘Phantom’ overture. ‘The Phantom Of The Opera’ has appeared in several additional campaigns and contests on TikTok and YouTube Shorts using the viral remix with “Monkeys Spinning Monkeys.”




“Great American Bitch” from Suffs

Creators lip synced or acted out parts of the lyrics they could relate to from this iconic Suffs track.



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