Artist: Thomas Rhett

Song: “Sixteen (Sped-up version)”

Creators threw it back to high school (or shared their current high school experience) with photos over the lyrics, “What I wouldn’t give to be 16 wild and free”.




Artist: Luke Combs

Song: “Fast Car”

Creators followed an ongoing trend on TikTok by displaying their POV content on the platform.




Artist: Corey Kent

Song: “Something’s Gonna Kill Me”

Creators entered this Preffy contest by creating content that matched their own individual style, using this track as inspiration.




Artist: Scotty McCreery

Song: “Five More Minutes”

Creators showcased who or what they wish they had “five more minutes” with using the captivating CapCut filter.




Artist: Sam Hunt

Song: “Nothing Lasts Forever”

Creators showed their vulnerable moment with this new tracking following CapCut trend.




Artist: Elle King

Song: “Worth a Shot (feat. Dierks Bentley)”

Creators made montages of someone they think is “worth a shot.”




Artist: David J

Song: “Lost My Heartbreak”

Based around the lyrics in“Lost My Heartbreak.”

Added to Spotify’s Hot Country & SiriusXM’s The Highway playlists after start of campaign.




Artist: Kidd G

Song: “People Talk”

Open creative.

1.5M+ weekly streams seen at DSPs




Artist: Shania Twain

Song: “Any Man Of Mine”

Creators played off of the existing trends by using the sound as a reference for desired qualities in a romantic partner, and dancing/lip syncing to the sound with visual country themes.



Artist: Dolly Parton

Song: “Run”

POV of things/situations/problems they would run away from.

31M TikTok views driven from this campaign!




Artist: Corey Kent

Song: “Wild as Her”

Videos to capture the vibe of a zestful, free-spirited woman.

Added to Spotify’s Hot Country & SiriusXM’s The Highway playlists after start of campaign.




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