Artist: Doja Cat

Song: “Agora Hills”

Creators vibed to this track from Doja Cat by making transition videos, POVs, dance videos, and beauty-related content.




Artist: Mac Miller

Song: “Objects in the Mirror”

Creative: This track was popular leading into the end of the school year. Creators highlighted the breezy, chill aspects of the song with locations and moments that fit the nostalgia vibe.

Artist: Don Omar x Lil Jon.

Song: “LET’S GET CRAZY (Mambo Drop)”

Creative: Creators got inspiration for their own creative video ideas based on the track’s lyrics.

Artist: Sahbabii

Song: “Switch”

Creative: Creators had the option to follow the existing comedy trend sharing “when he’s staring” or a more lip syncing approach.

Artist: Babyface Ray

Song: “Ron Artest”

Creative: Creators used CapCut templates to share their photos and videos with the track emulating a vibey, camera-roll dump.

Artist: Baby Tate

Song: “Hey Mickey”

Creative: Creators acted out a transformation using a mirror, following the ongoing trend with the track.

Artist: A Boogie Wit da Hoodie

Song: “Drowning”

Creative: Creators danced to this track.

Artist: Big Yavo

Song: “HIM”

Creative: Creators followed the “You are not Him” trend, followed by montage footage showing themselves off for a confidence boost.

Artist: Baby Tate

Song: “I am” (ft. Flo Milli)

Creative: Creative was to celebrate body positivity while lip synching

Artist: Duke DeUce

Song: “WTF!”

Creative: Creative was to respond to negative comments / vibes

Artist: King Imprint (ft. Jhacari)

Song: “Freak”

Creative: Dance Challenge

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