Artist: Sahbabii

Song: “Switch”

Creative: Creators had the option to follow the existing comedy trend sharing “when he’s staring” or a more lip syncing approach.

Artist: Babyface Ray

Song: “Ron Artest”

Creative: Creators used CapCut templates to share their photos and videos with the track emulating a vibey, camera-roll dump.

Artist: Baby Tate

Song: “Hey Mickey”

Creative: Creators acted out a transformation using a mirror, following the ongoing trend with the track.

Artist: Quavo & Takeoff

Song: “Hotel Lobby”

Creative: Creators made videos using the track and expressing themselves to the song.

Artist: A Boogie Wit da Hoodie

Song: “Drowning”

Creative: Creators danced to this track.

Artist: Big Yavo

Song: “HIM”

Creative: Creators followed the “You are not Him” trend, followed by montage footage showing themselves off for a confidence boost.

Artist: Baby Tate

Song: “I am” (ft. Flo Milli)

Creative: Creative was to celebrate body positivity while lip synching

Artist: Duke DeUce

Song: “WTF!”

Creative: Creative was to respond to negative comments / vibes

Artist: The Hxliday

Song: “Doses”

Creative: Hip-hop micro creator blast campaign! There were over 30 micro and nano creators similar to These

Artist: King Imprint (ft. Jhacari)

Song: “Freak”

Creative: Dance Challenge

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