Campaign Overview:

Disney approached us to help raise awareness for various programs on Disney+ and Hulu. Using signature sounds and songs from select TV shows and movies, we collaborated with the Disney team to hire creators from various niches to promote the programs in branded content posts on TikTok.

TV Shows and Movies Included:

Campaign Strategy

Disney had one overall budget, and our campaign manager distributed the budget as-needed across the various TV/movie campaigns. 

Creators were instructed to follow specific creative, developed from the client and campaign manager for each campaign:

  • Include a call to action in the caption to urge their followers to tune into the specific show or movie
  • Include a campaign-specific hashtag
  • Use a specified audio/track, and focus content around the themes of this sound

Campaign Performance

Songfluencers: 60

Combined Followers: 143.9 Million

Campaign Views: 30.1 Million

Total Campaign Engagements: 341,000

Example Content

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