Campaign Overview:

Following the release of Sabrina Carpenter’s Nonsense single and music video, her team saw viral momentum for the track, including a sped-up sound on TikTok. 

The Sabrina Carpenter team came to us to bring Nonsense to the next level by running our innovative, signature 360 campaign concept with our teams at Songfluencer, Preffy, and YO SUZY. The holistic campaign informed our strategy with macro creators through:

  • TikTok account management
  • Creation of a custom TikTok AR filter
  • Consulting in the optimization of an unofficial fan page that the team used to launch additional audio options
  • Contesting with micro and nano creators to create an organic grassroots look
  • Hiring macro creators to use the official sped-up remix

Client Goals / Objectives:

  • Support the official Nonsense sped-up sound on TikTok.
  • Build on the momentum Sabrina Carpenter was seeing from her latest single release leading into her touring and additional track releases.

The Sabrina Carpenter team tasked Songfluencer with finding a strategy to help Nonsense go viral. The holistic 360 campaign approach combined the best of Songfluencer, Preffy, and YO SUZY’s teams and efforts for a successful payoff.


Songfluencer targeted young female creators for this campaign. We hired 16 creators with the following brief:

  • Create a “Get Ready With Me” video (reference) using the sped-up remix of Nonsense. 
  • Overall, creators were invited to make content that matched their own brand aesthetic.
  • Songfluencer helped the Sabrina Carpenter team optimize their unofficial fan page (TikTok page filled with various track remixes) through creator marketing activities. We worked some of these unofficial audios to help bolster additional fan awareness through allowing them to use the song in ways different than the official audio.

In tandem with the Songfluencer creator campaign, Preffy ran a competition, once again encouraging creators to make creative content with the sped-up remix track.

Prizes were awarded to top 15 posts (by view count) in each competition and the top 40 most creative posts in each competition.

The YO SUZY team ran a two-month TikTok Account Consulting campaign with Sabrina and team, including: 

  • 16 Nonsense Post Ideas
  • 16 General Post Ideas 
  • 8-10 recommendations per week of fan posts using the song to duet or engage with.
  • An ongoing text thread giving advice on creative/editing/captions etc., informing the team of best practices when necessary, and answering any questions they had.

In addition, YO SUZY handled the creation and deployment of various Spotify Canvas assets from selected UGC content.

YO SUZY created, launched, and managed a new Sabrina Carpenter filter, featuring the sped-up version of Nonsense, which Sabrina premiered herself on December 8th.

Campaign Performance

663.6% increase in total audio uses on TikTok 
Started at 6.6k and has grown to over 50.4k uses

6.6M Campaign Content Views
Initial guarantee of 5M Views

  • 173 Contest Entries
  • 5.4M Contest Content Views
  • 588K Engagements on Contest Content

Sabrina’s Posts:

YO SUZY worked with Sabrina Carpenter and her team to ideate/create/edit the following posts that resulted in 18.9M views

Spotify Canvas:

We re-purposed creators’ and fans’ dance posts using the audio to create the canvas art of both the original and sped-up version of Nonsense on Spotify. Creators were so enthusiastic that we used their videos in this official capacity that they went back to TikTok to show off their video being used in reaction content like this. We swapped new videos every day for two weeks. This encouraged more fans to make videos dancing to the track in the hopes of being featured on the track’s Spotify canvas.

(Example: @andreagchapa)


  • YO SUZY created a custom Nonsense filter. Sabrina Carpenter premiered the filter on her account, and the video got 9.2M views.
  • 108,300 UGC created with the filter in its first 7 days on TikTok
    • Nonsense sped up sound UGC before filter: 70,000 
    • Nonsense sped up sound UGC 7 Days after filter launch: 220,300 (214.7% Increase) 
    • Total UGC with filter to date: 337,900 (vast majority of these using the Nonsense sped up sound)
  • Eight Creators with over one million followers used the filter and sound (4 of which had over 3 million followers), providing bonus organic media and marketing ROI value to the campaign.
  • Nonsense had its biggest streaming day to date on December 8th (the day Sabrina posted with the filter). December 8th also represented the biggest day-to-day increase in streams since the songs release 
  • Nonsense peaked at #56 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts

Example Content

Top Performers

@athenalayna  1M Followers

@alyzzahh  201.9K Followers

@tessa0rtega  186.2K Followers

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