Campaign Overview:

As part of their overall music consumption plan, Disney wanted to increase their follower count and bring overall awareness to their 8 different Spotify playlists.

We teamed up with the Disney team to hire creators from various demographics matching the individual playlist themes. Creators promoted the playlists in branded content posts on TikTok.

Client Goals:

  • Generate more playlist followers for the 8 Spotify playlists being promoted
  • Bring awareness to Disney’s Spotify playlists

Campaign Strategy

Disney had one overall budget, and our campaign manager distributed the budget as-needed across the 8 playlist campaigns.

Over a 2-month period, we hired creators to post with the following requirements:

  • Follow creative direction from campaign manager:
    • Coordinate with each influencer to keep with their individual authentic branding while promoting promote Disney’s playlists
    • Each playlist had at least one creator assigned to use the green screen tool in their content to show the visual of the playlist
  • Include a link in bio driving back to a Disney playlist on creator bio for one week
  • Include a call to action in caption

Campaign Performance

  • Songfluencer secured 20 posts across 8 Disney playlists
  • The most notable achievement from the campaign was the Disney Viral / Trending playlist that went from 94 followers to 10,307 followers, a total increase of +10864.9%
  • The 8 Disney playlists that Songfluencer worked gained 296,865 total new playlist followers during the campaign (at an average cost of $0.40-0.41 per follower)

Total campaign views: 8,460,544

Total Campaign Content Engagements: 481,773

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