Artist: Djo

Song: “End Of Beginning”

Creators made aesthetic montages showing off their home with the lyrics “when I’m back in ___ I feel it”.




Artist: Kings of Leon

Song: “Mustang”

Creators showed off their duality with the “Mustang vs. Kitty” lyrics of this track.




Artist: Major Lazer

Song: “Lean On”

Creators shared their art and DIY with this audio.


Artist: Kevin MacLeod & The Monkeys

Song: “Monkeys Spinning Monkeys”

Creators got silly with this trending audio.




Artist: Andy Grammer

Song: “Love Is The New Money”

Creators surprise someone in their lives or find a way to make their day with #LoveIsTheNewMoneyChallenge in the caption..




Artist: Nelly Furtado

Song: “Say it Right”

This catalog hit has now become a true ‘recurrent’ on TikTok, so the time was right to help spread the trend to YouTube Shorts.




Artist: Ed Sheeran

‘=’ Album Release

Ed Sheeran’s eagerly-anticipated latest album was supported with a multi-song campaign, showcasing Shorts’ many creative opportunities and diversity.




Artist: Tyler Shaw

Song: “Love You Still”

Love was in the air when YouTube Shorts creators got their hands (and imaginations) on this sweet, romantic hit.




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