Artist: Andy Grammar

Song: “Love Is The New Money”

Creators highlighted the song’s lyrics by showing acts of positivity and kindness and the people (friends, family, etc) who make their lives better.




Artist: Lizzy McAlpine

Song: “Ceilings”

Creators used text overlay to get creative with their feelings about this emotional track.




Artist: Keshi

Song: “Limbo”

Creators used the “main character” cartoon filter with a friend and the trend of “name __ that starts with the first letter of your crush”.





Artist: Macklemore

Song: “No Bad Days”

Creators made a tribute to someone in their lives who deserve the best day ever by telling their story in the video caption, or with on-screen text.




Artist: Drew Gregory

Song: “Stuck”

Creators used our “What farm truck are you?’ filter game in their posts, driving 31k+ UGC of the track and contributing to the 71k+ Playlist Reach of the track on Spotify.




Artist: Nina Nesbitt

Song: “Pressure Makes Diamonds”

Creative: Highlighting the chorus, do a glow up transition from “not feeling your best” into your best selves.



Artist: PinkPantheress (ft. Willow)

Song: “Where You Are”

Creative: Creators shared their interpretation of the lyrics by showing their hometowns, loved ones, and dances.



Artist: CAFUNÉ

Song: “Tek It”

Creative: Anime, gaming, and witch-tok creators posted videos expressing themselves to this track.



Artist: Big Yavo

Song: “Him”

Creators followed the “You are not Him” trend, followed by montage footage showing themselves off for a confidence boost.




Artist: Phoebe Bridgers

Song: “Sidelines”

Creative: The aim of this campaign was to identify and target influencers that align with Phoebe Bridgers’ fanbase.




Artist: Alec Benjamin

Song: “Shadow of Mine”

Creative: Creators highlight the lyrics “Everywhere I go my shadow, it follows behind” and show us their shadow.

(eg: a child or a pet).




Artist: Neon Dreams

Song: “Little Dance”

Creative: Art pages create content with the track.




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