Artist: Steve Aoki x Trinix ft Akon

Song: “Locked Up”

Creators were encouraged to lean into their own personal brands to interpret this track in their content.




Artist: LF System

Song: “Afraid To Feel”

Creative: Creators made videos showing “the only pills I’ll be taking this summer,” transitioning to things like hay fever tablets, vitamins, and pet allergy pills.

Artist: FOAL

Song: “2001 (Remix)”

Creative: Content highlighted the energy of the track, focused around summer, loved ones, and having fun.

Artist: Ben Böhmer

Song: “Home”

Open Creative

Artist: Rêve

Song: “CTRL + ALT + DEL”

Creative: Focused on FIFA creators as the track was featured in FIFA 2022

Artist: Ofenbach & Ella Henderson

Song: “Hurricane”

Creative: Transition

Artist: Lost Frequencies & Calum Scott

Song: “Where Are You Now”

Creative: Ceiling fan trend that was currently moving on platform

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