Artist: Willy William

Song: “Pata Pata”

Creative: Creators used the track to share their best content on YouTube Shorts and TikTok.

Artist: The Blaze

Song: “EYES”

Creative: Creators made montage videos of their favorite summer activities.

Artist: Vinai

Song: “Tension”

Creative: GRWM/Day in the life – style video. *French creators only

Artist: Bon Entendeur

Song: “Le Temps de l’Amour”

Creative: Show off your summer weekend. *Global Campaign

Artist: Willy William

Song: “Good Vibe”

Creative: Good Vibes. *North/South America focused

Artist: Era

Song: “Ameno”

Creative: Comedy posts centered around going back out in the world post-COVID. *Global campaign

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