Preffy & Songfluencer

“Christmas Isn’t Canceled (Just You)”
Kelly Clarkson

Start Date: 11/20/21

Total # of Posts earned as a result of Preffy: 211

Total # of Views earned from Preffy submissions: 13.4M

End Date: 12/14/21

Start Date: 11/23/21

Total # of songfluencer posts: 41

Total # of Views earned from songfluencer posts:  4.7M

End Date: 12/23/21

Total UGC achieved from
as early as we were tracking: 3,115

Kelly Clarkson – Christmas Isn’t Cancelled – Audio Uses in UGC

By taking a holistic approach through Preffy and Songfluencer’s combined strategy, “Christmas Isn’t Canceled (Just You)” elevated from 97 audio uses to over 3,100 audio uses within 4-5 weeks. As you can see in the graph, Preffy & Songfluencer creators’ posts resulted in a significant UGC growth. This dynamic strategy created an organic look, inspired on-brand creators, and drove cross-platform consumption for Clarkson’s holiday hit.

Spotify® plays for “Christmas Isn’t Cancelled” Kelly Clarkson

At the start of the campaign (around Nov 20), “Christmas Isn’t Canceled (Just You)” was on 200 Spotify playlists – as of today we are seeing that the song is now on over 800 playlists. Not only was this a great holiday success on Tik Tok, but it inspired new and engaged listenership on Spotify.

*To note, increased editorial playlist additions did not occur during this time period, thus were not the catalyst for the increase in user generated playlist additions.

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