Advanced Audience Analytics

When you work with Songfluencer, you gain access to our cutting-edge Advanced Audience Analytics. Each proposal we provide gives you the opportunity to explore comprehensive data and statistics about creator audiences, empowering you to precisely target individuals who align with your goals.

Explore creator audiences effortlessly with Songfluencer’s state-of-the-art technology. Our groundbreaking innovation enhances the reach and impact of your campaign by showing you demographics, behaviors, preferences, and interactions to derive valuable insights to understand the audience at a nuanced level.

Gain insight into the demographics of audiences following the creators we collaborate with, including their Location, Genre Interests, Gender, Age, and Ethnicity.


See where in the world your campaign will reach people.

Genre Interests

Explore the specific genres the creator’s audience resonates with.


Reach audiences based on their age.


Target creator audiences based on their audience’s genders.


See the ethnicity demographics for each creators’ audience.