Using TikTok Micro Influencers to Increase Streaming 50x in 2 Weeks


A second song, “Come Back”, at the same level as “Who Hurt You”

The strategy was to begin with micro influencers within country music culture. We wanted everyone on TikTok within this algorithmic circle (country music culture) to see this song all day long on their For You pages.

It seems to be working on all fronts with clear increases across Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes. Sourcing this out in the beginning with an open creative led to a clear and obvious trend depicted in the majority of the top videos for the sound.

Using TikTok Micro Influencers to Increase Streaming 50X in 2 Weeks.

100% influencer driven
0% editorial playlists


Apple Music ® plays for “Who Hurt You?” David Morris

I approached 100% micro and country culture influencers, avoiding anyone who did not make sense for this genre. Sourced the song out to influencers, identified a trend from a video that had went live for this sound, then replicated it with other hired influencers. I used 30 micros in a 3 week span.




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