Songfluencer has worked with hundreds of artists on their TikTok campaigns. While it is impossible to know exactly what works vs. what does not work, there are some common themes present with most successful TikTok songs/campaigns.

  1. A TikTok friendly song
  2. A Strong Creative Concept
  3. Artist/Marketing Participation

When these 3 elements are unique, creative, and aligned – we tend to see great results for artists on TikTok.


  1. Viral songs on TikTok experience a wave of UGC during 1 or more phases of the song’s velocity lifespan. There are plenty of times Songfluencer conducts an influencer campaign where the most impact isn’t realized until weeks following the end of the influencer campaign. Does this mean you need to start a campaign knowing exactly what “concept/trend” you want to launch with? No! Many trends occur weeks/months after a song has been experiencing Velocity on the platform. Do not try to force ideas/concepts on the TikTok platform because you feel that you want to be “intentional” or because you think launching without a concept lacks strategy. TikTok doesn’t work this way.
  2. With any marketing activity, having a great song (a hit!) can be the difference between an extremely successful promotional campaign and a mediocre one. TikTok is no different. If users feel compelled by the song, they will use the song in their content.
  3. This isn’t a one-size fits all approach – everything is different. Songfluencer has worked influencer campaigns with songs that we did not think were super TikTok-friendly, but because they were paired with a great Creative Concept and Artist Involvement – they produced amazing results. We have worked with songs that were very TikTok-friendly and launched with no Creative Concept that performed exceptionally well, too! Don’t get too tied up in having everything perfect. It’s ALL about putting your best foot forward. Do you have a song that works? Do you have a concept that is unique? Do you have a rabid fanbase that can help generate Velocity? Use 1 or many of these elements to your advantage to create wins on TikTok!
  4. If you haven’t gathered by now, the TikTok platform is dynamic and complex. It is important to lean on experts like Songfluencer to help you understand the different nuances.
  5. A successful Songfluencer TikTok campaign works well as part of a holistic marketing effort. Consider how other marketing drivers can help support your efforts on TikTok. If you’re simply relying on influencers to make your viral dreams come true, it won’t happen.

Stay tuned to hear our next segment: “TikTok Influencers ARE NOT a Marketing Plan”. Have a great week!